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Mobile Car & Truck Detailing | Apopka, FL


Do you love your car but, do not necessarily love detailing your car? How would you like to know someone in Apopka, FL that that will detail your car as if it were their own dream sports car or luxury vehicle? How about if they can do that in your Apopka, FL driveway? If that sounds good to you, look no further. Ruddick’s Detailing was started by two car enthusiasts Rik and Jake Ruddick who understand the unique and high standards that are required by you, while detailing your treasured vehicle. They understand other car enthusiasts because they are not much different than themselves.

Rik and Jake Ruddick are constantly researching the latest technologies available, the most premium products on the market, and practicing the most up to date techniques to provide the absolute best car detail you have ever had! Customer service is their top priority and they do everything to leave every last customer in Apopka, FL and beyond, completely satisfied.

Ruddick’s Car Detailing services Apopka, FL with many different exterior car detail packages and interior car detailing packages. From simple interior car detail to intensive interior car detail including shampooing car seats, PH neutralizing car mats and car carpets, leather car seat conditioning and even headliner spot cleaning treatments. For exterior car detailing, again, simple packages are available all the way up to major car paint correction, car paint sealant and polish as well as BEEDS treatment. BEEDS is a Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment which is a high performance coating solution that offers extreme hardness and can be applied to various materials including paint clear coat, plastic and glass and it is available to you right here in Apopka, FL.

From interior car detail to exterior car detail, chrome polishing and headlight restoration, overspray and water spot removal, headliner cleaning and odor removal, Ruddick’s Car Detailing can do it all. If you do not see a service they offer, ask and they will research it for you!

So look no further Apopka, FL, Ruddick’s Car Detailing can handle your luxury car detail, show car detail, high end sports car detail, RV detail, motorcycle detail, truck detail, and any other auto detail you may require special care for. Not only will Ruddick’s treat your car as if it were their own, they will provide you with perfection, preservation and professionalism, always!

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Detailing Services

Mobile Car & Truck Detailing | Apopka, FL

  • UV Protection on Panels & Consoles
  • Heavy Duty Carpet and Seat Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • PH Neutralize Carpets, Mats & Seats
  • Leather Care and Conditioning
  • Interior Stain & Dirt Prevention

Detailing Services

Mobile Car & Truck Detailing | Apopka, FL

  • Paint Sealant
  • Paint Correction & Polishing
  • Ceramic Paint Coating
  • Various Waxes
  • Over Spray Removal
  • Headlight Restoration


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