Color Change Wraps

Ruddick’s Detail offers a variety of colors and finishes by using the world’s finest vinyl’s. By applying a wrap, you can completely change the look and color of your vehicle without the purchase of a new one. Using high quality products this ensures the same appearance and surfaces structure like a regular paint finish.

Not only does this product transform your vehicles appearance it will also protect the original print from rock chips, surfaces abrasions and weathering keeping the paint the best re-sale condition. The vinyl is fully removable so at any time you can revert to its original state.

Pricing – Based on these variables:

  • Make/ Model of Vehicle
  • Color and Finish of Vinyl
  • Parts of Vehicle Wrapped

Vinyl Ceramic Coating (Feynlab) – A ceramic coating on top of Vinyl will add as another barrier of defense for your vehicle. Very little upkeep as this is an extremely hydrophobic layer

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"Ran into Ruddick's at a car show and asked them to take care of my car because I went last minute and she was filthy. They did an excellent job in making sure she looked spotless and did so with Black Paint in the sun. That right there tells you how good they are. I highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed."
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