Aviation Ceramic Coatings


Benefits of coating:

⦁ Corrosion resistance (from fuel exhaust, oil, hydraulic fluid, etc.)
⦁ Easier to clean
⦁ UV blocking to prevent oxidation of paint
⦁ Gloss
⦁ Less maintenance cost (no waxing, less polishing, easier to clean, etc.)
⦁ Reduces drag and increases fuel efficiency (although we have no scientific studies to show to what degree)

How is Feynlab Aviation coating different than other coatings, protection products:

⦁ Longer lasting and more resistant to chemicals/UV than wax
⦁ When compared to silicone or acrylic based sealants (including Teflon/ PTFE) and wax. Feynlab chemically bonds to surface and fills pores of paint, which results in higher durability, oxidation resistance, and chemical resistance
⦁ The other products simply rest on the surface or their silicone binders are easily degraded (by UV or chemicals), causing loss of adhesion and protection
⦁ 2-Year warranty – product will last longer depending on use and care of the plane


The science behind the FEYNLAB™ Aero Coating.

Aerodynamic reduction

There are many factors that affect drag on an airplane, but they can be broken down into two categories. The first being induced Drag (due to lift) and the second being Form Drag (due to friction, and frontal area).


marine Ceramic Coatings

FEYNLAB HYDRO was developed to specifically deal with the harsh environments that watercraft endure and for compatibility with both painted and gel-coat finishes. The main form of protection that this coating offers is UV protection. HYDRO uses smart nano particles that scatter UV rays, this means that the probability of a UV ray reaching the paint surface is reduced to roughly 1%. This solves the main problem with gel-coat finishes as they suffer from oxidation brought on by UV degradation which cause it to go powdery and yellowish.

HYDRO has a good level of hydrophobicity meaning that the rinse down after use is much faster. The hydrophobicity of HYDRO will decrease water drag when applied below the water line and application to the propellers will improve fuel consumption. The aesthetic improvement of HYDRO is similar to that of Ceramic, exceptionally glossy.

"Ran into Ruddick's at a car show and asked them to take care of my car because I went last minute and she was filthy. They did an excellent job in making sure she looked spotless and did so with Black Paint in the sun. That right there tells you how good they are. I highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed."
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