Car & Truck Detailing Packages

Mobile Car & Truck Detailing Services | Ruddick's Detail

Stage ONE

  • Interior
  • Carpets, Mats & Seats vacuumed
  • Windows, Mirrors & Navigation Screen Cleaned
  • Interior trim, Consoles & all Surfaces are fully cleaned. Then treated with UV Protection
  • Fine detailing in all edges, button surrounds & air vents using specialized brushes
  • Cleaning of all seatbelt heads, seatbelt buckles & seat railing
  • Seats are cleaned (if leather or vinyl)
  • Fine cleaning and de-contamination of pedals
  • Exterior
  • Vehicle exterior washed using PH neutralized shampoo with two bucket grit guard system to prevent any damage to the vehicle during the washing process.
  • Rims, rim walls & tires are cleaned, degreased using non-acidic cleaner with fine hair brushes to remove all break dust and dirt. Calipers will receive the same treatment.
  • Door jambs, gas cap, wheel arches will all be cleaned and protected.
  • Body solvent will be applied to areas with bug splatter, tar & road grime.
  • Full hand dry to stop all water streaking
  • Tires dressed
  • Light hydrophobic protection is applied by hand to all painted surfaces.
  • Chrome exhaust tips are polished by hand.

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Stage TWO

  • Everything Included In Stage ONE

  • Interior
  • Carpets & mats scrubbed & shampooed
  • PH neutralizer is applied to carpets & mats
  • Full cleaning of leather with fine horse hair brush. Then protected & replenished by hand with conditioner
  • Spot headliner clean with dry foam to ensure no damage to the fabric glue

  • Exterior
  • Full clay bar treatment with Nano skin to de-contaminate all surfaces of vehicles exterior
  • All chrome or chrome film surfaces hand rejuvenated with specifically designed compounds
  • Exterior plastics dressed with protection
  • Head & tail lights protected with hydrophobic product
  • Hydrophobic protection applied to painted surfaces. Before working product into the paint with allow setting time for it to seep into the pores

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Detailing Add-Ons

One Step:
65% - 75% Correction Factor. This is a full polishing of vehicles paint that will remove light imperfections such as minor swirls and increases the gloss factor.

Two Step:
75% - 85% Correction Factor. This process consists of a medium cut compounding and full polishing for elimination of medium imperfections and holograms.

Three Step:
90% - 95% Correction Factor. This is a process of multi stage compounding and polishing for removal of heavy swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches.

Fabric Protection – This not only protects against dirt & stains, but it is also extremely water repellant. Can be applied to carpets, mats, fabric seats and fabric on interior trim.

Leather Lock – This is a yearly leather protection to stop all dirt and grime adhering to the leather surface. This will also stop any dye from clothing changing the color of the leather.

"I highly recommend Ruddick's Detail for anyone looking for a top notch mobile detailing company. They are very thorough and do an excellent job! The attention to detail is awesome! You are now my go to mobile detailing company!! Keep up the great work guys!!"
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