BEEDS Ceramic Coating Services

BEEDS Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment is a high-performance coating solution that offers extreme hardness and can be applied to various materials including paint clear coat, plastic and glass. BEEDS is extremely durable and robust, providing high chemical, UV and heat resistance. Typically applied to soft surfaces such as car paint, not only increases hardness, it leaves a formidable gloss appearance, with remarkable gains in surface thickness.

BEEDS Pico2 Paint Sealant - 6 Months

Pico2 was created to maintain and enhance the ceramic coatings below every 6 months. Using this product on un-coated paint it acts like a paint sealant which bonds well giving an incredible hydrophobic performance and deep gloss.



BEEDS HD - 3 year

This forms a glass-like membrane that infuses with the pores of your vehicles paintwork for the strongest bond possible. They are extremely durable to harsh chemicals, UV rays, oxidation, corrosion, bird droppings, tree sap and even offer wash marring resistance. Lasting up to 3 years.



BEEDS ELX - 5 year

This System adds the extremely slick BEEDS ELX on top of BEEDS HD for extreme gloss, hydrophobic properties and last up to 5 years.

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"Ran into Ruddick's at a car show and asked them to take care of my car because I went last minute and she was filthy. They did an excellent job in making sure she looked spotless and did so with Black Paint in the sun. That right there tells you how good they are. I highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed."
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