In January 2015 the family owned company, Ruddick’s Detail, was established by car enthusiast brothers Rik and Jake Ruddick. The Company was founded on the basis of providing a unique detailing service to its clientele encompassing the highest standard of detailing available on the market with flawless customer service from day one. The Company stays true to its charter with thorough and constant research, utilizing strategic partnerships that provide premium quality products and the latest technologies available. Customer satisfaction is our primary aim and one that we are confident can be guaranteed.

Our Team

Rik Ruddick

Once you pick up the phone to call Ruddick’s Detail you will be a customer for life. We don’t just care about the detailing but the overall service we offer.


Jake Ruddick

Detailing is a craft that can be done by many but mastered by few. Ruddick’s Detailing brings the mastery of the craft and this shows in the results.


Detailing Services

  • UV Protection on Panels & Consoles
  • Heavy Duty Carpet and Seat Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • PH Neutralize Carpets, Mats & Seats
  • Leather Care and Conditioning
  • Interior Stain & Dirt Prevention
More Detailing Services

Detailing Services

  • Paint Sealant
  • Paint Correction & Polishing
  • Ceramic Paint Coating
  • Decontamination Clay
  • Headlight Restoration
More Detailing Services
"Rik and Jake worked on my 2 motorcycles today. My vocabulary is bankrupt in adequately describing my satisfaction! Not only did they exceed my expectations with the quality of service, their work ethic is commendable! Great communication, on time, and committed to delivering outstanding service. I highly recommend you consider Ruddick's Detail."
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